Tuesday Alert! East Village Rip-Off!

The Young Ones, via Toni.

  • So, these arty crazy British people are getting “fucking ripped off” by their East Village landlord; name-drop J.P. Donleavy; and have a V.I.P. Room they call the 121 Club. A.D.H.D. or Free Association? Hate to love, or love to hate? Toni Schlesinger seems non-committal, too. (The Village Voice)
  • Mike Davis is back with a new book on slums, in which he replaces his typical “vivid prose” with data. But Joy Press thinks that’s bad. (<a href=”“>The Village Voice)
  • Jonathan Miller, our sherpa in the land of broker euphemism for the current state of the housing market, introduces us to the latest. (Matrix)
  • Connect the Dots: After a $60 million restoration, the Battery Maritime Building is almost ready to open and the city wants to turn it into an upscale food marketplace. Moreover, in the summer ferries leave from the site to Governors Island, which the city also has plans for. (Downtown Express)
  • New York City apartment space saver: a canopy-bed unit with a built-in bathroom. (Apartment Therapy)
  • Trash Bar is the Bermuda Triangle of band equipment. (Gothamist)
  • The most expensive home in Franklin Lakes, N.J. is on the market at $10 million, and it is hooked-up, technologically speaking. (Forbes)
  • Christopher Bonanos asks the ultimate question: “Why aren’t more New York plays about apartments, rather than set in them?” Enter: The Right Kind of People. (New York )
  • Discount prices are welcome, but chain stores are not. What a conundrum. At least the Dunkin’ Donuts has a “brownstone look.” (New York Daily News)
  • A Google Earth depiction of Ratner’s downtown Brooklyn plan. Oh, yeah, it fits right in. (Brownstoner)
  • Deep-pocketed flyers will be able to take a 9 minute ride to JFK, and bypass airport security, from the Downtown Heliport now that it’s “federalized.” (Gothamist)
  • – Riva Froymovich