Wednesday: New Prison Jumpsuit for Cavalli?

From The New York Times:
author Mark Kurlansky

  • Roberto Cavalli wrote off his home rennovation as a business deduction, and may now face time in prison. Didn’t Inman News write a how-to article on that? (Page Six)
  • Mayor Bloomberg, a businessman by nature, is creating competition in the downtown area for securing office tenants between the World Trade Center site and a West Side office district around an extension of the No. 7 subway line.
  • (New York Post)

  • In other WTC news, the group “9/11 Was An Inside Job” watches Loose Change as they grip The New Pearl Harbor, confident they know the truth. Yet, “much of the Truth movement does not suspect for a moment that our defense spending has been a rip-off, that the FBI is a clumsy bureaucracy, that our spy agencies are deaf and dumb, and that our skyscrapers are not 100 percent safe.” (The Village Voice)
  • What do you think? Is a memory foam mattress good for sex? Certainly not if you’re having an affair. (Apartment Therapy)
  • The senior rabbi of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale opposes turning Fieldston into a historic district. (New York Sun)
  • The Related Companies hops in the driver’s seat for Staten Island’s NASCAR plans. (Staten Island Advance)
  • A two-apartment, $223 million deal went down yesterday in what may be the biggest real estate sale in Greenwich, Conn. history. (The Real Deal)
  • An executive director of the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center has been named. Birth name: Charles Maikish. (New York Daily News)
  • A burly, silver-haired author gulps down oysters and alludes to The Ninja Turtles. The New York Times never had it better.
  • The soon to open Pink Elephant is installing a high-tech “scent machine” that apparently fills the club with up to 30,000 different smells. Some just can’t accept failure. (Page Six)
  • – Riva Froymovich