Air Spitzer

The Spitzer campaign announced this morning that they’re hiring a Madison Avenue veteran, Jimmy Siegel, to produce their television advertising — and that they’re going up on the air next week.

The ad guy, Jimmy Siegel, also writes thrillers, but doesn’t seem to have any political experience. He’s best known for selling a product that every consumer advocating lawman can stand behind: credit cards. He made Visa ads for BBDO, including that Bob Dole spot, but left the agency after it lost the Visa contract last fall.

By going outside the usual field of political admakers, Spitzer will probably retain more control of the content — he’s known as a demanding client who, at one point, wrote his own ads — and again demonstrates his skepticism of the way politics is normally done, something he demonstrated in his quick, early, unvetted selection of David Paterson as his running mate, and in his decision last year to place a round of robo-calls to voters.