Albany Says You Drink Too Much

  • State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is trying to make company-sponsored open bars illegal. (Page Six)
  • And one more point for the demolishers of fun: The State Liquor Authority rejected an application for a liquor license to EU in the Lower East Side. (New York Sun)
  • April 15 is quickly approaching, but your real-estate tax deductions just multiplied by eight. (Inman News)
  • Should you win the lottery, here are the most expensive private islands to throw your new money around on. (Forbes)
  • Developers eye Atlantic City—again. “Atlantic City has the highest potential for appreciation…” Is there anywhere else to go but up? (The New York Times)
  • Crain’s says it’s going to happen: Madison Square Garden is moving one block west. (Crain’s)
  • But some people aren’t so sure.
  • Adolfo Carrion wants to see more homeownership in the Bronx, but residents lack the “time and stamina.” (Metro)
  • Sietsema feels part of the ‘hood at Carroll Gardens’ 457 Spuntino restaurant. (The Village Voice)
  • Renovated club Element has a new gay party. More interesting, Tatum O’Neal is still making the rounds. (The Village Voice)
  • Mixed-use residential and commercial developments are blooming in the Flower District. (New York Sun)
  • Write “I Love You” in a card; a public display just deflates real estate. (Curbed)
  • The Domino’s Pizza founder and anti-choice crusader, Thomas S. Monaghan, wants to build a little Catholic theocracy just outside Naples, Florida, where he controls the commercial real estate. Lots of pizza; no condoms, porn or abortions.(CNN)
  • – Riva Froymovich

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