Breaking Times Styles News: Bruce Pask Still Hasn’t Shaved

On the downtown streets of New York, in the hipster hangouts of Los Angeles and on college campuses in between, the young and style-conscious are affecting a look that until recently could not claim to be either. In the few years since Luke Wilson sported a full beard as an anachronistic oddball in ”The Royal Tenenbaums,” it has shaken off its fusty image as the badge of the out-of-date guy who refuses to make concessions to fashion….
…And with their fully furry chins Ariel Foxman and Bruce Pask, the editor in chief and the style director, respectively, of Cargo magazine, the metrosexual manifesto, seem now to be endorsing a lumberjack ideal.

— Thursday Styles, March 23, 2006

On city streets, too, trends in scruff have reached new levels of unruliness, a backlash, some beard enthusiasts say, against the heightened grooming expectations that were unleashed with the rise of metrosexuality as a cultural trend. Men both straight and gay, it appears, want to feel rough and manly….
Bruce Pask, the style director of Cargo magazine, grew a beard on a vacation in Maine, “to blend in with the locals,” he said. Back in the city he found that his mangy Maine growth needed tending.”What I love about it is, the alarm goes off, I shower, dress and am out of the house in 20 minutes,” he said. ”But zero maintenance is a lie.”

— Thursday Styles, April 28, 2005