Call and Response

So the Port Authority shut down talks with Larry Silverstein Wednesday, demanding he come back with an offer “more in the public interest.” Silverstein came back Friday with an offer that, knowing Larry Silverstein, probably wasn’t that much more in the public interest but it was at least a little bit better. (The Daily News reported he is willing to give the Port Authority a proportion of the insurance money equal to the square footage the agency will develop. ) But whatever, the Port Authority rejected the offer point blank a few hours later and said it will call the shots from now on.

Why such hyperkinetics on the part of the Port Authority? Charles Bagli reports that at least two commissioners were not enthusiastic about the deal on the table Tuesday, but that Governor Pataki was. Maybe now that the Port Authority upset the whole apple cart, these commissioners will push for a fresh new deal that could further diminish Silverstein’s role at Ground Zero. All of which is to say that before Silverstein and the Port Authority agree, the Port Authority and Pataki have to make a deal.

Matthew Schuerman