Demolition Derby

Atlantic Yards opponents have as much as said that their suit to block the demolition of several buildings was in part a public relations move, to counter the notion that the project was a done deal. Here, on the day the demolitions have reportedly started, is developer Bruce Ratner’s arch enemy Daniel Goldstein on that point: “It must be made very clear to the public that this demolition and the others that may come have nothing at all to do with an approval of Ratner’s proposal or the start of the project.”

As for news from the other side, Forest City Ratner gave out updated ownership numbers today, showing that it controls 89 percent of the land it needs. That sounds like a lot except it is not much more than reported last fall in the Ratner-published Brooklyn Standard (88 percent). Compared to figures handed out at last May’s City Council hearing, the update shows that the developer has purchased two rental buildings and four commercial properties. Notably, the update mentions that there are “no deals with two condo unit owners.” We think we know who owns one of them.

Matthew Schuerman