Eliot’s First Spot

A curious fact about the Governor’s race is that the self-styled outsider, Tom Suozzi, is running a by-the-book political campaign. His ad, released this morning, was a traditional, introductory political spot, if a bit amped up.

Spitzer, by contrast, has the establishment support but is driving insiders crazy with his refusal to stay on message and his personal control of the politics of the campaign. His first ad, “Portraits”“Voice” by corporate adman Jimmy Siegel, is very different from the usual political spots. It’s spare and striking. (It’s also an Upstate-focused spot, so the Fargo thing kind of works.) Eliot doesn’t appear, though his voice comes through at the end. Watch it here:

Script after the jump.


Narrator: For every New Yorker whose husband or child has to go somewhere else just to get a job…

For every New Yorker drowning in property taxes…

For every New Yorker who’s been ignored…left out…who’s been told you can’t fight City Hall so many times they’ve come to believe it.

For every New Yorker without a voice…


There’s one strong enough for all of us.

Spitzer: I represent the people of the state of New York.

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