[em]Time[/em] Hires Another Blogger; Ana Marie Cox Sells Out Again

Ana Marie Cox, the former editor of Wonkette.com and the author of Dog Days, has signed to be a columnist for Time and Time.com. She will file a weekly column on politics for the Web site and a monthly column in the magazine. Her first deadline is this week; this past Thursday, at the D.C. bureau offices, she had the photo taken that would accompany the column.

A press release will be issued by Time early this week, for which Cox submitted a quote. It is: “My only regret about selling out to Time is that it didn’t happen earlier. I hope to put the ‘stream’ in Mainstream Media.”

Cox will be joining fellow mainstream-journalist-turned-blogger-turned-mainstream-journalist Andrew Sullivan, whose arrival at Time was feted by managing editor Jim Kelly earlier this month.