Gena, Our Cake Baker, Goddess Divine!

aimee cake photo

AIMEE: In all of these months of wedding planning, THIS is the moment I’ve been waiting for: She walks out from a secluded backroom and suddenly all eyes are on her, if only there were a string quartet serenade of the Hallelujah chorus. She is Gena, our cake baker at the tiny Bay Country Bakery in Cambridge, and she’s carrying a cake plate crammed with eight slices of heaven. She holds the plate aloft as though we should bow to it and places it before us on the table. After reviewing the flavors (angel food cake, chocolate mousse, raspberry, butter cream, fondant) she says: “I’ll leave you to do some sampling and I’ll be back.” I’ve got a wild sugar high raging just from being in the presence of the cake. Mom, Dad and Brian closely inspect all the pieces carefully debating what to have first. I hand out the forks and I try the angel food and raspberry first. Amazing!

When we’re done, we’ve left a massacre of frosting and crumbled cake bits, and those lacking the stamina of a strong sweet tooth (like Brian) are left a little woozy and feeling overpowered. Everyone stares me down as I make my decision: “I’m going to have to go with…the angel food with raspberry filling!”