Hillary’s Scolding

Also at the parade (before the part where she got vigorously booed) Hillary had a (mild) scolding for the chairman of the event, John Dunleavy, who compared gay groups to Nazis and the Klan. (He also took some shots at Hillary in the Irish Times piece, for good measure.)

“That doesn’t have any place in our dialogue today,” she said, before venturing a joke:

“You know, my husband and I have worked veyr hard on trying to help bring peace to the island of Ireland, and I’d hope that we’d have the same effort here in New York.”

UPDATE: A reader who was at the parade points out, accurately, that there were also cheers for Hillary. There was, in particular, a contingent of four high-school girls treating her with an excitement usually reserved for pop stars. “You’re beautiful,” one yelled.