Inner Circle

The theme of this year’s Inner Circle Dinner, the City Hall version of the Gridiron, was “$pent,” and Mike cooperated, with an extended skit with the cast of Spamalot that was harsher than any of the roasting the press had done earlier Saturday evening. The papers covered the main show, but there were a few details that didn’t wind up in print.

They included Bill Cunningham laughing uproriously at a verion of Landslide that featured Patti Harris and Diana Taylor dueling over who really won the election for Mike and the Mayor taking a shot at Cheney (Mr. Vice President, you need a license for that,” he says after a shot rings out.).

I didn’ t see Freddy there, but he might have liked it. “I wish I had those ideas,” Mike says at one point of some policy planks of Ferrer’s. “You will,” says Sheekey. The Mayor also describes his vast volunteer operation as “50,000 volunteers — give or take 20,000.”

The Sun and NY1 News were the media outlets taking particular shots from the Mayor: “I don’t recognize you.” “That’s because I’m on New York One,” goes one exchange. (Though I’m not sure not being mentioned at all is such a good thing either.)