New and Different

We’ve been spending too much time at Trader Joe’s today to purloin a copy of Larry Silverstein’s new offer to the Port Authority, but we can tell you it is “different” from the one he left on the table Tuesday night. Let’s assume it is more beneficial to the government owners of the World Trade Center site as well, although his project manger, Janno Lieber, would not go that far himself in describing its contents.

“It’s different and has new ideas that address all of the issues outstanding from earlier this week,” he told us. “It was a full proposal.”

The offer was delivered, he said, mid-morning. Silverstein had not received a response as of late afternoon, but Lieber said he was not surprised. “All the major guys are marching,” he told us. But should the developer get a response today or over the weekend, Lieber said the company would be ready to negotiate immediately.

Matthew Schuerman