People Who Get Married In Dorchester County Stay Married

AIMEE: Brian and I arrive in Maryland for a whirlwind day of wedding planning: Our all-important first stop? Popping by the Dorchester County Courthouse in the tiny town of Cambridge to get ourselves a marriage license.

aimee with marriage license.jpg
Aimee and Brian getting their marriage license.

With my parents in tow, Brian and I wander in and a cheery clerk named Patty greets us: “People who get married in Dorchester County stay married!” she proclaims. “So where will it be? Oooh, the Hyatt is gorgeous. Oooh, I love your ring!” Patty runs through as though we’re already old pals.

After getting all our necessary information, Patty disappears into a backroom and returns a few minutes later with the license, fancy script, colors and everything.

“Now, bride, you sign here,” she says handing me a pen. She starts humming: “Hmm hmm hmm-hmm.” (It’s “Here Comes the Bride.”) She continues serenading us while Brian scribbles his signature. My parents applaud!

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