Rangel’s Cadillac, Anthony’s Impala

2005 Cadillac CTS exfrdrvr34 Rangels Cadillac, Anthonys Impala

One of the lesser-known perks for members of Congress is that the taxpayers will lease them a car (or two) for the purpose, of course, of official business.

Knight-Ridder has a handy tally of those leases, from most expensive to cheapest, and two New Yorkers finish near the top. Greg Meeks‘ Lexus costs the public $1,062.85 a month, putting him in seventh place nationally. Charlie Rangel, whose Cadillac DeVille costs $998.48 a month, is next.

At the bottom of the scale, Anthony Weiner‘s Chevy Impala, leased for $219 a month, is the third-cheapest car in Congress.

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