Sashay Down the Aisle, Don’t Scurry, Girls! It’s the Hip Walk!

AIMEE: Here I am in the chapel at the University of Maryland for Jennie’s wedding rehearsal, scurrying down the aisle to “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.” Jennie’s wedding is tomorrow and mine is just a month away. Wow. I fly past Jennie’s Uncle Ned who snaps my picture. Suddenly I’m walking with the kind of urgency usually reserved for days when I’m late to work.

“TOO FAST! TOO FAST!!!” the priest barks at me from the altar. “SLOW DOWN!”

After a few more bridesmaids make their way down, Jennie appears on the arm of her father. Unlike me, she seems to sashay down the aisle, head held high, so effortlessly.

At the rehearsal dinner afterwards I get some answers. That sassy stroll down the aisle? “Did you see that? That’s the hip walk!” she says proudly, turning to an old pal from dance class. Damn, if only I’d taken dance.

For a few minutes, I manage to pull her from her adoring fans. “So how are things?” I whisper. We exchange looks. Mine says: “If you need me, I’ll be one of six girls in a floor-length burgundy gown tomorrow.”