The politics of George Mason U.

If you need any more reason to celebrate what some are calling the biggest upset ever in the college basketball tournament, 11th seed George Mason U. knocking off one-seed UConn to go to the Final Four, consider what it’s doing for the school’s image. In the ’80s George Mason was a hotbed of Northern Virginia conservatism, a thinktank for the supply siders of the Reagan Administration, right up there with the Heritage Foundation. As of this morning, George Mason is a symbol of the triumph of the overlooked, in this case underrecruited undersized black kids from the Maryland suburbs who play a swarming defense and an ice-cold three-point game. Once personified by underbrained Ed Meese, GMU is now personified by Tony Skinn, the smoldering guard who sat out a game after belting a Hofstra player in the groin.