Thursday: A New Overpriced Dream Challenges Darwin

  • Another reminder of how overpriced our city’s salad bars and apartments are. CNN reports that a couple who wanted a “moderately affluent lifestyle” in New York needed an income of $166,777–the highest in the country. More interesting, why is the poll based on couples? After all, NYC has the highest percentage of single-person households, according to the Census.
  • The new American dream: “a two-bedroom condominium with a gym in the basement and a skyline view from the living room.” Sound about right. (The New York Times)
  • The fastest-growing city in the world is a “megalopolis you’ve never heard of.” And, as urbanites come to outnumber townies, a challenge is posed to Darwin’s thesis. “Humans have not evolved to fit our habitat, we have changed our habitat to suit ourselves.” (Guardian)
  • “Gardening is an equal-access pleasure,” The New York Times tells the college-aged male.
  • There are 20 new, grandly designed residential buildings in the Financial District, but beware of the hype, Fortune says.
  • Del Posto brawl hits court today. (New York Post)
  • A bachelor pad in tight quarters? No problem. Less travel time to the bed. (Apartment Therapy)
  • The doormen of 3,500 New York apartment buildings may go on strike. (The New York Times)
  • Jason Pomeranc is a hotel tease. Where are you 6 Columbus? (Hotel Chatter)
  • Do svelter refridgerators equal a svelter you? (The New York Times)
  • The New Yorker takes on the “otherworldly beauty” of the sport stadium. Is that what the park space supposed to do for the Yankees and Mets stadiums?
  • Skip the picture if you have a queasy stomach, but the board of Trump World Tower has filed a lien against socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein for the third time in four years. (Page Six)
  • – Riva Froymovich

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