Thursday: Zillow II and Other Trackers

  • Almost 300 years of history gets eaten up by eminent domain for the Fulton Street Transit Center project, Lisa Chamberlain of Polis reports. (The New York Times)
  • What if information could be physical? What if the memories you associate with that drunken night in the Lower East Side and the office hours of your dentist could be mapped? Now, think on a grander scale. (Searchscapes)
  • Geoscientists can look at a photo and name the location from minor details, which is helpful when tracking down terrorists. (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists via Archinect)
  • The winner of an international condo design competition is from Beijing. The building, however, is planned for … Mississauga, Ontario! And the building has been nicknamed the Marilyn Monroe. Curves in all the right places.(Toronto Star)
  • An architect helps Bostonian achieve his dream: to build a house from garbage. (
  • Writers are known for their eccentricities, like raising their children in a slum because it provides “an interesting childhood.” (The New York Times)
  • Real Estate ABC is the new Zillow. It has adjustable property values. Zillow is probably better. (Curbed)
  • Bleecker Street as Saville Row. (New York Post)</li<
  • The Chocolate Secret Suite is a secret hotel room somewhere in Manhattan where you can do something that no one else will ever know about. (UrbanDaddy via Hotel Chatter)
  • We seem to have this take-away from at least one story a day: This city doesn’t really like poor people. “Since 1990, the city has lost close to 30,000 apartments, a quarter of the apartments created by the largest subsidy programs for families of low and moderate income. And thousands more units are in the process of being de-subsidized right now.” (Gotham Gazette)
  • Monuments are political. The image they create and the party they seek to remember tell a history of power and money. (Metropolis)
  • – Riva Froymovich

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