Tough Start

Former Hillary aide Tyson Pratcher, now running for Congress in Memphis, TN, seems to have gotten off to kind of a tough start to his campaign.

But this is, in its way, a pretty compelling fundraising pitch, from an email he sent to friends:

As you all know, I was the victim of a carjacking in February where all of our campaign information was stolen, (including computers and all files) and we have spent the last month putting it all back together. We have just finished reconstructing most of the information, and on Friday I filed paperwork with the FEC which will allow me to begin raising money for my campaign and I need your help. The first official financial filing deadline is this Friday March 31st and many people take the strength of your filing as an indication of the strength of your campaign. Unlike my opponents who have had the luxury of raising money for months, I will only have this week to raise and your help is critical. I need all of you that can, to please make a contribution to my campaign before the March 31st deadline. The maximum contribution that I can accept from an individual is $4,200 ($2,100 for the primary and $2,100 for the general).