Tuesday: New York is Boring!

The Mies Barcelona chair.

  • The man to blame for Mies Barcelona chairs disappears to Miami, land of tawdriness, to dispense a lesson, we assume. (New York)
  • New York and London are boring. It’s those “backwards” cities that are the future now–not those troubled ones, the ones with an elite class. And, now that we’re scared of immigrants and terrorism, attention must be paid to foreign cities, like, not Paris. Is that what New Statesman means?
  • Now that it has been confirmed that NYC is dirty, Transportation Alternatives is campaigning for a car-free summer. (TA)
  • The Related Companies has a new project, the Caledonia, which will boast its own entrance onto the new High Line park. (Scroll past the picture of Scarlett Johansson’s cleavage.) (The New York Times)
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park is a “sweetheart deal” for developer Robert Levine. (New York Post)
  • Bruce Jones of Poseidon Resorts is inspired by Jacques Cousteau and is building an underwater hotel. The Poseidon rests 60ft below the surface beside a coral reef near Fiji. Guests will enter the linked pods by submarine or through a beachside tunnel. (Times)
  • A terra cotta image of a 1922 Ford Model T on the Tunnel Garage in Tribeca may be destroyed. (Forgotten NY)
  • Did you know? “This is a city that once had a tavern with a door that connected directly to the municipal court. Later, it passed out tavern licenses to widows, seeing it as a cheap form of relief.” Gotham Gazette on the history and future of New York nightlife.
  • The City and State are in a land battle over an Upstate watershed that allows the city to avoid building a water filtration plant. (Daily Freeman)
  • People, parking is free on Sunday. Stop paying! (Newsday)
  • The Municipal Art Society and Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance host an exhibit that imagines the future and presents the past of Todd Shipyard in Red Hook through photographs and alternative site plans. (MAS)
  • – Riva Froymovich