What Oscar Party Survived the Hype?

On March 3, Gawker published New York magazine’s publicist’s Oscar party pitch. An editor of Gawker wrote that “the newly upstart New York magazine” would throw an Oscar party at “a hipper venue” than the annual Entertainment Weekly Oscar party, and went on to publish “an impressive list” of the publicist’s confirmed celebs.

Take-backs! On March 6, after the Oscars, Gawker summarized Jo Piazza’s New York Daily News item on the New York mag party as “New York Oscar parties kind of suck when all the good people are actually at the Oscars instead.”

Update: But wait, there’s more! “But the truth is,” wrote Gawker later on March 6, shifting gears quite a bit, “that notwithstanding the not-quite-living-up-to-the-hype part, the absence of big-deal celebrities made the New York night—dare we say it?—awfully fun.” The party write-up then goes on to name-check most of the staff of New York magazine, as well as Gawker’s editorial director.