Yuki Oshima and Bruce Wilpon Have Left America

The young married couple—she’s 24 and he’s 27 and the son of Mets owner Fred Wilpon—are now living in London, and we’ve been looking forward to keeping up with their shenanigans in the pages of Tatler. But we’ve all been negligent, it seems, and therefore we missed this article from back in January about their house-hunting in Monaco:

The problem starts the moment Yuki arrives at the artist’s house. She takes an instant dislike to Véronique Deguilhem, the French estate agent representing the house, because her coat has fur trim. Yuki walks into the house and spots a black crossbreed dog lying on the kitchen floor. She kneels down to pat it — and begins to sob. “She’s so sick,” she says. Bruce agrees. “She’s got tumours,” he says, pointing to painful-looking growths on the dog’s legs. “We can’t leave until we get a vet,” sniffs Yuki.