Blogging and $$$

One of the fascinating things about blogging is how little it pays. Like, zippo. If you’ve worked for corporate media as much as I have, that hurts. You feel like, Wow, I used to get $3 a word, or 50 cents a word—whatever. Why am I doing this for free?

I think this is actually one large force behind blogging. Because we all know what the corporate media people get paid. And we all know how narrow their bandwidth is. How much they can say and not say, how much they’ve sold out.

So it’s like all these smart people on the internet are saying, Guess what, the press is too important to democracy to be sold to the highest bidder, our democracy is ailing, I’m happy to take nothing to supply information/ideas if it helps to change the media. So that’s the pleasure in not getting paid to blog. Christ I’m in a good mood.