Celebrity Roundup: Howard, Russell, and the Vitamin Water Guy

  • Although Howard Stern recently criticized some long-time fans for not following him to Sirius satellite radio, he’s definitely not short on cash. The self-proclaimed “King of all Media” is dropping $600,000 on a Southampton rental. And despite having a tough time selling his Liberty Street apartment, Russell Simmons is busy looking for that Hamptons bachelor pad.” (New York Post)
  • J. Darius Bikoff, founder of Glaceau–which makes Vitaminwater, Smartwater, and Fruitwater–recently purchased an East 72nd St. duplex for $5.6 million. Also, entrepreneur (and part-time Cosmonaut) Gregory Olsen has sold his CPW apartment to Sara Bronfman for $6.45 million. (New York Times)
  • While searching for the perfect Hamptons getaway, Katie Couric is apparently “losing it.” Her purse that is. (New York)
  • Michael Calderone