Celebrity Roundup: Katie Couric, Sharon Stone, and Jackie O.

  • If you were Katie Couric, and had the entire summer off before taking over the CBS Evening News, wouldn’t you spend it in the Hamptons? Indeed, spokesperson Matthew Hiltzik confirms that “she is looking.” (New York Post)
  • Ever since David Koch purchased an apartment at 740 Park two years ago, Upper East Side brokers have been speculating about when his lavish spread at 1040 Fifth Avenue would come on the market. Well, now it is. And having being formerly owned by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, it exudes “provenance.” These days, such provenance runs about $32 million. (New York Times)
  • We didn’t think that Basic Instinct 2 was exactly raking it in at the box office. Nethertheless, Sharon Stone is now buying a $10 million Beverly Hills mansion. The seller, a young hedge funder, just bought Brad and Jen’s old digs for $22.25 million. (Forbes)
  • Michael Calderone