Clarke’s Numbers

To clear up something posted here about her campaign filing, Rance Huff emails this out for Yvette Clarke, on recent reports of her fundraising numbers:

The Congressional campaign of Yvette Clarke is pleased to announce that it has raised $164,248 to date. The campaign would also like to take this opportunity to correct two press stories about the recent financial congressional filing. First, we would like to announce a technical correction to the recent filing which accidentally did not include cash on hand from the previous period. Actual cash on hand for Clarke for Congress is $79,809. Second, Clarke for Congress is the only committee involved in the 2006 congressional campaign. New Yorkers for Clarke is an entirely different committee and not involved in this years’ race. The debt of that committee is through a separate long-term fundraising effort and should not be deducted from Clarke for Congress.

—Nicole Brydson