Dershowitz the vigilante

Alan Dershowitz continues to play a shameful role, vigilante of the pro-Israel lobby, by telling the Washington Post that two leading scholars have “destroyed their professional reputations” by questioning the power of the Israel lobby over American policy-making. See:
Dershowitz’s comments are shameful because they seek to smear and intimidate anyone who has an unconventional opinion on the Middle East– e.g., the U.S. should have a more evenhanded policy toward the Palestinians.
Marvin Kalb also damages himself in this debate, by taking up the cudgels against these authors, seeking to undermine their scholarship, rather than asking, What is the truth of this bold paper?
Kalb and Dershowitz are both acting out of a nervous desperation: the tide is turning. More and more Americans are beginning to question the identification of our country’s interests with Israel, and demonstrating that it is not antisemitic to do so. That you can be for Israel’s existence and yet demand that it change its ways (it’s the occupation, stupid).
The tide is turning because of a simple fact: neoconservatives, for whom Israel’s security looms as large or larger than American security, played a key part in the Iraqi war party, helping to lead America into a disaster. So now you see these questions emerging everywhere: last night on C-Span, when Brian Lamb gave an audience to Pentagon analyst Karen Kwiatkowski. The truth is that Walt and Mearsheimer put their reputations on the line to change the debate. Their reputations will actually grow from that brave decision.