Friday: Loafing and Undulating

  • Strike averted! The doormen’s union was appeased with an 8.5 percent salary increase over four years Thankfully, Rupert will not have to open his own door at 834 Fifth.. (The New York Times)
  • The flaneur is not respected in North America. There isn’t even an equivalent in English. But the photobloggers–the wandering, curious breed–has brought the flaneur’s art to America. (Maisonneuve via Polis)
  • Horace Havemeyer III, founder and publisher of Metropolis magazine, reflects on a quarter-century in print. (Metropolis)
  • The West Village will soon undulate with glass. Residents aren’t happy. They saw enough undulating when Sex and the City was filming. (NY 1)
  • Barry Diller’s IAC building is still under construction, but here’s a peek. (Test of Will)
  • Steve Cuozzo does math. “The existing sidewalk cafes boast a mind-boggling 20,931 seats citywide, of which 17,240 are in Manhattan. (The numbers don’t include gardens or patios.)” Then, he chokes on car exhaust. (New York Post)
  • Another restaurant closes on Orchard Street, vegetarian newbie Heirloom. (Eater)
  • Crowds cannot be held back from their sandwiches and croissants in Clinton Hill. Brownstoner fans review.
  • The first town to be auctioned off on eBay back in 2002 returns to the market and Web site bidders, just like those vintage boots you never actually wore. (BBC)
  • Firehouses turn residential, and condos become amateur playhouses. (New York Post)
  • – Riva Froymovich

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