Ivory Sparkle Sheer vs. Ivory Sheer Sparkle, a Defining Moment

AIMEE: “Help!” I cry to my pal Kevin at work, pushing four little linen swatches in front of him on his desk. The swatches, from two different linen suppliers, are labeled: White Sparkle Sheer, Ivory Sparkle Sheer, White Sheer Sparkle, and Ivory Sheer Sparkle. Yes, really. Those are the four names and they do look almost identical and Kevin gets a lot of points for not laughing in my face. Instead, he springs into action, hopping up to grab a blank sheet of computer paper out of the printer. “Something to compare them against!” This could be the answer! He sets each swatch on the paper and, together, we silently stare. My mind is a vast and empty space. His mind races, lightbulbs popping. “We need a place setting!” Scanning his desk he finds a paperclip (fork) and tears a circle of white paper (plate) placing both down on a swatch. He backs a few feet away from his desk. I follow.

“I have a new favorite,” he says.

It’s unanimous: Ivory Sparkle Sheer.