Monday: Drag Queens and 7 WTC

  • Hey, all you stiletto-trotting, 300-pound drag queens! The New York Times cares.
  • Now that the East Village has gone all luxe, where are the jam-band hipsters to go? India, of course. (The New York Times)
  • The artistic purging of New York killed the works of Mexican muralist Diego Rivera and Alois Fabry Jr. And Brooklyn’s borough historian doesn’t even know about it. (The New York Times)
  • 998 Fifth Avenue overlooks the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is on the market for $17.7 million, and is a hell of a party space. (New York)
  • Miami is overpacked with condos. (New York)
  • Why can’t Bloomberg be like the Mayor of San Francisco? He dates Hollywood stars and let same-sex couples take over the courthouse. Even Giuliani was having an affair… (The New York Times)
  • How architecture is influenced by science, rather than art, and how architecture might affect the sciences. (Seed)
  • Abtract art was seen as a white art, and so the abstractions of black artists were rarely viewed. Now, Studio Museum in Harlem is taking the racial politics out of the presentation. Or are they putting them on display? (The New York Times)
  • Toronto, once called “New York run by the Swiss,” has an architectural renaissance. (Toronto Star)
  • The globalized world needs a canal that can fit all its commerce. What shape will the new Panama Canal take on? (BBC)
  • The destination is the hotel, a la John Portman and Ian Schrager. (The Observer)
  • Bitfall is a computer monitor composed of water that projects images from the Web. (BLDGBLOG)
  • After the Yankees, now it’s the Mets’ turn. (Newsday)
  • Homesteaders evicted by fire. (The Villager)
  • The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York closing or merging 31 parishes and 14 schools. (The Villager)
  • Once Beatnik home, now Madison Avenue of Downtown, all thanks to Sex and the City. (The Villager)
  • A collaboration of community groups and students is looking for nominations in the co-naming of Allen St. as Avenue of the Immigrants. (The Villager)
  • Tropolism goes to 7 World Trade Center.
  • – Riva Froymovich

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