On the Teitelbaum, And Other, Successions

The death of Rabbi Moses Teitelbaum last night raises two immediate questions.

The first was which of the Rabbi’s two sons, Aaron or Zalmen, would speak at his funeral, and if both, in what order? That answer could shed light on the battle over succession rights in the Satmar community.

The second question has more of a bearing on the Bloomberg administration. With Greenspun on his way out, who will be the city’s liaison to the Satmar community in this tumultuous time? An educated guess might be Fred Kreizman, who, according to one knowledgeable source, was at the Satmar Rebbe’s bedside on April 4 before rushing to Borough Park, where he acted as Mr. Greenspun’s point man on the ground. Kreizman is also up for a promotion within the CAU. This could be a key time for him.

– Jason Horowitz