Political money-game round-up

The March fund-raising numbers are in for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and National Republican Congressional Committee, and the two committess are effectively neck-and-neck — a first in recent history.

After trailing its Republican counterpart for a really … long … time, the DCCC, chaired by Illinois Congressman Rahm Emanuel, reports that it raised $9,160,832 and spent $2,447,259. It now has $23,018,449 in the bank — just a million or so shy of NRCC’s $24,488,775. The NRCC raked in $9,196,101 in March and shelled out $5,513,680.

But the situation isn’t looking as rosy over at Howard Dean’s Democratic National Committee, which reportedly has a humble $10 million in the party piggy bank compared to the Republican National Committee’s $43 million. The Washington Post’s Tom Edsall has the full rundown.

— Lizzy Ratner