Red Wine and the Undermining of a Wedding Website Collaboration

ERICA: We had set aside this evening to build our wedding website. Not from scratch or anything (neither one of us is that tech savvy), but with one of those web building services for brides and grooms. I think we’ve settled on Wedding Window which seems to have relatively innocuous templates.

But it’s 10:32 and we’ve yet to do anything. Greg showed up this evening with a bottle of wine to celebrate a successful meeting he had just buttoned up. Yay for successful meetings–I get it. But now Greg is drunk and blathering on about how he’s not feeling “ready” to commit to a website theme and feeling like he needs some “deep thinking time” to mull this whole thing over.

Note to sober Greg when he reads this tomorrow: NO deep thinking time is required. No pro/con lists, no online polls, we just needed to pick a theme. And I picked one while you were slogging down your third glass of pinot.