Romenesko Digest

Names appearing in the center section of Romenesko for April 6, as of 12:30 p.m., from bottom to top:

Couric, Goodman, Pickford, Couric, Brook Barnes, Katie Couric, Couric, Couric, Couric, Couric, Stanley, Walter [Cronkite], Couric, Chung, [Katie] Couric, Bill Carter, Couric, Couric, Vargas, Williams, Couric, Rooney, Schieffer, Couric, Matea Gold, Murphy, Bob, Bob Schieffer, Katie Couric, Jim Murphy, Schieffer, Couric, Couric, Schieffer, Cronkite, Katie, King, Schieffer, Walter Cronkite, Larry King, Larry King, Cronkite, Roger Cohen, David Barstow, Moore, Roger Moore, Libby, [Vice President Dick] Cheney, Murry Waas, President Bush, Judith Miller, Scooter Libby, Bush, Libby, Deborah Caulfield Rybak, Couric, Brian Montopoli, Couric.