Square Feet 2006 vs. 2003

We previously linked to Develop–Don’t Destroy Brooklyn’s chart showing that the new reduced plan for Atlantic Yards is still 1 million square feet larger than when developer Forest City Ratner first detailed the proposal in December 2003.

Now it seems that 1 million is overstating the case.

In 2003, Ratner was talking about “zoning square feet,” i.e. the amount of usable square feet within a building. The latest proposal awaiting state approval is expressed in terms of “gross square feet,” which includes walls, staircases, etc. According to figures from Forest City Ratner, the 2003 proposal was for 8 million gross square feet (7.7 million zoning square feet), while it now stands at 8.659 million gross square feet (8.3 million zoning square feet).

So it has grown, but by roughly 600,000 or 700,000 square feet.

-Matthew Schuerman