The Daily Transom

“People who make doughnuts or lattes or S.U.V.’s do not get to consume their products freely.” —David Carr, The New York Times.

Between the years 1987 and 1994, The Transom worked at: Al Gelato, Evanston, Ill.; Espresso Bongo, San Francisco, Ca. (underground in the Montgomery Street BART station, no less); Johanna’s Wine Bar, Chicago, Ill.; World Coffee, Los Angeles, Ca.; The Bakery on Melrose, Los Angeles, Ca.; and a few other cafe/bakery/restaurant-type places. In each and every one of these food service jobs, The Transom is pleased to announce that it was common, even daily, practice consume the products freely, “freely” having both its orginal meaning of “abundantly, gratuitously” and the added, half-pun meaning of “for free.”