The IND Train

A scatological tirade by a club member and dissenter today on Daily Gotham paints a compelling picture of how Brooklyn’s Independent Neighborhood Democrats have rent themselves asunder with the decision to keep out Atlantic Yards opponents:

Congresswoman Nydia Velasquez rapidly left with a disgusted look on her face. I do not know if her disgust was for the general split in the club, which now yawns like a bleeding wound, or for the actions of one or the other. But Nydia seemed visibly upset. (The club president’s accidental elbowing of Nydia in the face as Nydia beat a hasty retreat couldn’t have helped!) Major Owens sat with his head down, looking sad over the proceedings.

So far, the brouhaha caused by the decision by the political club to keep out Atlantic Yards opponents has escaped notice on The Real Estate, though sister site The Politicker had it first. It’s a great real estate-and-politics story: About 100 apparent Atlantic Yards opponents paid their dues just in time to qualify for the May 18 vote to endorse Congressional candidate and Atlantic Yards opponent Chris Owens (as opposed to David Yassky, the club favorite and Atlantic Yards fencesitter). Then the club decides to move up the registration deadline to May 4 to disqualify those newbies. (A state Senate race is also at issue.)

-Matthew Schuerman