The Things We Learn

F.D.R. Drive built from the rubble caused by the London Blitz? Apparantly so, according to Jeff Byles’ Rubble: Unearthing the History of Demolition, from The New York Times.


So here is a quote from the Encyclopedia of New York (a great book available in a store near you.): “FDR Drive. A controlled-access highway running along the east side of Manhattan Island from the financial district to Harlem. Built under the direction of Robert Moses during the administration of H. La Guardia… Much of the landfill on which it is constructed consists of the rubble of buildings destroyed during the Second World War by the Luftwaffe’s Blitz on London and Bristol. Convoys of ships returning from Great Britain carried the broken masonry in their holds as ballast…” (Kenneth T. Jackson)

-Matthew Grace