Think ‘Grainy Vintage Art Film in Super 8’

ERICA: We just finished watching the DVD reel for the videographer we’ve been most seriously considering and it was supafly fab. Truth be told, we watched it twice. I swear I saw Greg getting teary-eyed at one point, but he claims I looked over immediately after he sneezed.

We’ve had an impossible time finding a cool videographer with the same sensibility as ours. Frankly, I sort of hate the way typical video looks. I can’t help but conjure up memories of bad bar mitzvah videos and painful family picnics. White fuzzy borders and slow fades make me want to throw up and we recently eliminated a strong contender because of their use of a geometric shape transition between scenes.

Our wedding movie is going to be shot entirely in Super 8 and, if all goes well, will look like a gorgeous, vintage art film. We didn’t even bother showing our parents the demo reel because they’d probably say something like:

“Ohhhhh Kay. So it looks really grainy on purpose? And that’s something you actually like?”

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