This Week: Donna Karan, Brownstones, ‘United 93’, Giving Up, Threepenny

Today, we remember Jane Jacobs, and catch up with funny-con William F. Buckley, Jr., and Eunice Shriver—and the AmWay king! Then it’s off to defend our honor at the PEN gala, which wasn’t easy. Fortunately we got to spend some downtime with Donna Karan. Meanwhile, we’ve seen those ladies wandering the supermarkets on a Friday night: have real New Yorkers just given up? Across the river, they’ve hunkered down in their brownstones, in a land where it is an insult not to comment on the beauty of real estate and babies. Some people insist on ascribing bullshit pop-psych to terrorists, while 9/11 movies play behind red carpets—though, of course, even the premiere of Schindler’s List had an afterparty, didn’t it? This week in New York, most of all, it’s been like a competition to see who can savage Threepenny Opera the most viciously: it now seems clear that we have won.