Thursday: What’s A 421-A?

We’re a little late with this this morning. Chalk it up to our work on the Politicker, which you should be reading, too.

  • We’ve written about this before: Bloomberg may make it a bit more difficult to spread the luxury love. He’s bringing together a group of officials to evaluate the benefits of the 421-a program, the largest tax abatement programs in the city, which lowers taxes imposed on multiunit housing developments. (The New York Sun)
  • Yes, we live in glass towers now–probably because of reality television or something. (Business Week)
  • Because it’s difficult to come by a recommended contractor. (Apartment Therapy)
  • With so much coverage on the bathroom as of late, it’s time to focus on the toilet. (Apartment Therapy)
  • Toll Brothers are known for building luxury and suburban homes. But with the urban real estate market as it is, the company is kicking its “conservative” identity to the curb. They’ll be investing about $500 million to build 1,000 condo units in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. (The New York Times)
  • Another “most expensive” list from Forbes to chase you to Crate & Barrel: household items.
  • The operating barge port at Red Hook may seem quaint at first, but residents of the impending development may think differently after living there for a week. How will that affect the workers at the Erie Basin Bargeport? (The New York Times)
  • An upcoming St. Marks Place building owner is pushing squatters out of the edifice and onto the streets, including Mosaic Man. (Polis)
  • Chinese beds with French bistro ambiance. Fusion takes a new turn on Lafeyette Street. (New York Post)
  • How strong is New York’s housing market? Perhaps not as strong as Miami, and Boston is less affordable. (Business Week)
  • The media sucks at reporting on real estate. (Matrix)
  • – Riva Froymovich