Women Who Shamelessly Rant About China Patterns

KARA: It was 7:30 in the morning. I was on my first cup of coffee and my third knot.com posting in 24 hours. “Menu question: Stations or sitdown?” I clicked “send” and within minutes, several of my knot.com cohorts chimed in with advice. Andy’sPrincess replied : “Stations, it’s so much fun to mingle!!” However, A Bride 4-eva thought sit-downs were more elegant.

On a split-screen was a commentary a friend had passed along about one of my blogs: How could a career-oriented, independent woman so shamelessly rant about china patterns and dress-fittings?

She’s right, I went to an extremely liberal all-women’s college. I’m career-oriented, driven and independent and I don’t even care about being married. I say things like, “I’m getting married in six months…but it’s just a day.” My friends and I swap horror stories like the bride with the ice-statue replica of herself; the groom who was cheating on his fiancee but whose future mother-in-law insisted on going through with the ceremony anyway because she’d already paid $30,000.

But you know what? It turns out that, surprisingly enough, I love it when someone asks about my color scheme. It’s sage green and champagne. And I love it when people want to see pictures of my dress because it’s fun. No, it’s not frilly and I don’t think I’ll look like a princess on my “special day.” But I do think it looks pretty good.

Registering for a china pattern doesn’t mean giving up my identity on a silver platter. (Ba-dum-bum!)

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