Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, Folk Hero, Ct’ed.

One reader pointed out, Bartlett was on Wolf Blitzer’s CNN show in March

When Bartlett made his first speech on the topic a little over a year
ago it felt like something of a watershed. However, I’m in no position
to judge how influencial he has really been. Apparently, George Bush
thanked him for his leadership on Peak Oil
however what’s needed in response
is a much more tangible effort than that.

It’s encouraging that the issue of Peak Oil is leading people from all
walks of life and politicial persuasions towards similar conclusions;
conclusions which position lifestyle changes and relocalisation efforts
as central to the solutions. So while the solutions are mostly local,,
top down co-ordination is required for providing resources, financial
support, education programs, and helpful legislative changes, to allow
people to help themselves, as well as infastructure and renewable