Greenpoint Fire: The Day After

dayafter1 Greenpoint Fire: The Day After

The Politicker’s Nicole Brydson sends in some photos from yesterday’s huge fire in Greenpoint.

Not surprisingly, arson is suspected. However, the owner’s attorney told the New York Times that his client had nothing to do with it.

A lawyer for [owner Joshua] Guttman, Joseph Kosofsky, said the developer had no idea how the fire began. “It’s the last thing in the world we need right now,” he said. “He’s a very substantial guy. If someone set fire to it, it could have been squatters, it could have been anybody. How in the hell can you watch 21 acres of industrial property?”

Investigations wil surely continue to determine the cause of blaze. More photos after the jump.

dayafter2 Greenpoint Fire: The Day After

dayafter3 Greenpoint Fire: The Day After

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