Introducing Elissa…

ELISSA: Since my initial BBQ meister bowed out three days ago, I’m moving forward on my original idea of a whole roast pig. Sadly, Connecticut’s infamous Pete the Butcher is booked on our date, but he has a pig roasting friend to whom he’s referred me. Pete warned me that his friend is temporarily on leave pending a divorce, but most likely back in action in time for the wedding.

Also, today I spent four hours on transportation issues. At first we thought guests without cars could take a two hour train from Grand Central, and then we’d transport them from the train station to our wedding site – a friend’s house on a big old private lake in Connecticut. However, the 50-minute busride from the station to the site for all the guests would run $750. As it turns out, less expensive and more elegant (the two secret themes of my wedding) will be to charter a bus from NYC to the site and back. Of course, what I really like about the chartered bus idea is how it will amplify my power, giving me total control over my guests from noon, when they leave the city, until 11 pm or so, when they return.


And we concluded that a single Porta-Potty would suffice and have opted for one with a sink.