Moments In Odd Timing and the Meaning of Words: Mark Bingham Edition

This weekend’s international gay rugby confab in New York is named after United 93 passenger Mark Bingham:

The Bingham Cup is an international rugby competition named in remembrance of Mark Kendall Bingham, one of the heroic victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist action in the USA. Mark was a keen rugby player….

This week’s Onion:

The Federal Aviation Administration announced today that United Airlines Flight 43, which crashed outside Parkersburg, WV last Thursday, was in fact brought down by passengers who voluntarily sacrificed their lives in order to prevent the screening of the in-flight movie selection, Big Momma’s House 2.

All 105 people onboard died in the crash.

“As we examine the passengers’ cell-phone calls and flight recordings, we get a sense of the incredible courage displayed by these ordinary men and women,” said [the] FAA. […] “These people are true American heroes.”