Steve Spinola Adds …

… to this week’s piece on real estaters’ keen interest in Congressman Tom Reynolds, that yes, he and others on the board of the Real Estate Board of New York board have solicited contributions for the Reynolds campaign in the hopes that he would push for the JFK rail link and other issues.

“I have raised money for Tom and others have also,” the REBNY president told us today when we reached him on the phone. (He hadn’t responded to initial messages by the print edition’s deadline.) “He happens to be the most important Republican representing New York state in Washington and he continues to respond to every request from New York City.”

But Spinola said that he and board members made those solicitations on their own time and at their own cost, although they may have been reimbursed by REBNY’s political action committee, which is funded through voluntary donations. REBNY itself does not take a position on political races, he said.

Matthew Schuerman