The Southern Peach Paper: Off to D.C.! Plus, Harvey Weinstein, Brian Grazer, Calvin Klein Talk Love; Plus, Mets’ Gala!

Here’s this years wall-to-wall, flood-the-zone Mets’ Costume Gala coverage!

And here’s everyone talking love with Kathy Freston at the Core Club, which costs at least $100K to join. We do so enjoy a private club.

Hey, have you ever been to this weird place called… “Washington, D.C.”? We can explain it to you in three stages: the styles of their times, the houseparties of their post-Harvard neo-neo-cons; and the night that George Bush didn’t have to care that he was being made fun of because— what the fuck does he care? His approval rating is in the crapper!

Seriously, If that guy spent his time worrying about what you thought about him, he’d never have time to kill all those children.