Today’s Peach Pie: Yoga, Page Six Woes, Bloomberg, Carlos Delgado, John McCain

Why is everyone in New York trying to get everyone else to go to yoga all the goddam time?

A dozen gossip folk have turned him down. So why can’t Richard Johnson hire a new Page Six writer?

What does ’08 contender John McCain say behind closed doors? Here’s what!

Mets-man Carlos Delgado is suffering in silence—all the way to the bank. But at least he’s not wearing Perry Ellis.

The Bloomberg building—and its antipathy to ornament, hyper-modern transparency, and free food everywhere—is the tower of our times.

How many Times staffers might be interested in working in Baghdad? Five.

Couples therapy pros George ‘n’ Hilly have a three-way, of sorts. Ummm!

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